Colonial silversmith

Today i’m working on a bottles.I got to weigh it in front of them so they trust me.Then i melt the silver.It is pure state,silver so soft. Next i combine it with another metal. It is most of the time silver some copper. I pure melted silver into a mold called ingot. IT was a pretty good state for storage and stuff like that. When i was ready to make a peice i melted the ingot and pounded it into into sheets. Next i shaped into a bottle using hammers and tongs. My tools had to be in top shape. Otherwise  they could scratch and chip costly silver.

Colonial Leaders

Who is Benjamin Franklin

Franklin earned the title of the first American.

Franklin became a successful newspaper writer and editor.

Franklin helped with the first fire department.

Franklin honored more than 2 centuries after his death on coinage 100$ bill.

As a inventor he is known for the lighting rode,bifocals, and the Franklin stove.

As a scientist, he was he was a major figure in the American Enlightenment and his history physics

He founded many civic organizations, including the library company.

Franklin was foundational in defining the American etos as a marriage of the practical values   of thrift.

Franklin became a national hero in american as a agent  for several colonies when he spearedheaded.

He pioneered and was the first president of the academy and college of philadelphia wiched opened    in 1751.

Football Truck

My name is tyson i dressed up as a mummy this year.My friends and i were playing football in the punkin patch at midnight.My friend james i trucked him and he got hurt.We had to rescue him and get him we carried him home we got him a ice pack.He just sprung his ankle. It was swollen.When i got to my house i started to play Fortnite with James will Clayton and me we did squads.Will got knock and James,me and Clayton were beast and killed the 10 people that rushed us.I had to rescue will.Clayton and i carried Will and James we both had 10 kills each.I was wearing the gole trooper.We got a victory royale.


I went to the homecoming pep rally i saw  my friends there it was very cool.When i came to the game i was ready to see some football.My friends where there i was hanging out with will and scotty.The game started and i was on the fence by the field i saw my brother tanner who is on  varsity he is number 1 when i saw him come out of the tunnel i got excited .Later when i was watching tanner he got a intersepsion.Me and my friends we got coffee from this guy selling free examples  they were tasty but the cups were so small.The game was over we had won my friend Will stayed the night.The next morning we got up and put on our jerseys because we were in the football float.I had a bunch of candy with me when i saw my coaches daughter her name was gracee mayshe is in kindergarton  i threw like 10 hand fools of candy to her i saw my grandparents  and gave them a bunch of candy i thought homecoming was really fun.We went to the little fun place across the street from our school and i played games  did a petting zoo.When we left i did not want to leave but we had to go watch the aggies game.

9/11 Reflections

I thought it was very sad.I was very happy when i heard that those people on flight 93 fought because they heard that other plans had been hijacked.I learned there was so many people in the air at once they all had to land in gander newfoendland because those plains had crashed they could not be in the air.I learned that so many annasant people lost their  lives trying to save others like fireman.People jumped out of the building to try to live.

pumpkin patch

There is a big red and white house.It has orange pumpkins in the yard.Some are large some are small. There is a huge tree green grass.There is brown wood planks light brown stems and gray roof.